Am primit de la CE un email legat de Platforma IMI , platforma care se va folosi pentru detașarea soferilor.

Punem la dispoziția tuturor acest email:

Dear Madam/Sir,

 We would like to bring to your attention that the Road Transport Posting Declaration portal (RTPD) is now accessible and ready for use. On this new portal, you will find FAQs as well as video tutorials explaining step-by-step how to use the Portal. Both the FAQs and the video tutorials are available in all community languages; however, please note that these are automatic translations only, with official translations to follow in the upcoming days.

 Video recordings from the training sessions on the RTPD held in December 2021 are available here. In addition, the training environment of RTPD, which we have created for the participants of the trainings and for road transport operators, as end users of the Portal, will remain available until further notice, to enable you test the portal before using it for professional purposes.  

 Please make sure you share the link to this interface and the information below with your members.

 In addition, we would like to bring to your attention a limitation which is sometimes present during this initial release – if you get the message “Access Denied” at first login, please follow the below instructions (depending on your situation):

1.       The user has clicked on “go to my account” but has never been registered to the portal:

          a.       Only registered users can access the portal. The user needs to be the owner of a company account or get invited.

2.       The user was in the process of the creation of a new company account :

          a.       The user must click on “reload application” in the error message and click on the blue button “create account” again.

          b.       The issue will be resolved and the company creation process will resume.

3.       The user has been invited by email and received the error after logging in with an EU Login account:

          a.       The user must restart the invitation process from the invitation link previously received by email

          b.       The issue will be resolved and the registration process will resume.


For any inquiries or support, there is a help page which you can access directly on the portal.


Best regards,


Unit MOVE C1
Road Transport


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